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Membership on that Committee was by " languages," not nations, including one for the Scandinavian and one for the Teutonic. As the Swiss representative represented the Teutonic language, he spoke for Germany and Austria as well as for Switzerland; so that Germany, in effect, supported the conclusions of that Committee.

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Individual customers can purchase the eBook at list price through one of our vendor partners. Box Boston, MA This book is dedicated to the memory of Eugen Comsa, an archaeologist whose work created the foundation of the Northern Balkan prehistory and was essential for the contemporary view of the prehistory of the North-western Pontic region. The widespread worship of heroes and ancestors in ancient Mediterranean cultures does not seem to have existed north of the Alps.

Is this merely a gap in the research or a fundamental difference in mentality?

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Comparison of archeological and written sources between North and South reveals only gradual differences. An integrated view across cultural and academic boundaries offers new insights and raises new research questions. Ancestor worship; hero worship; cult of the dead. Monograph, German, 1st quarter Chiron, which has been published since , is one of the most widely disseminated periodicals for ancient history.

It publishes academic studies in the field of ancient history in its widest sense, i. The papers are peer-reviewed. Neue Folge 15 S. Monarchical rule was omnipresent in the ancient world, but until now, there has been no comparative study of the phenomenon across epochs and cultures. The volume fills this gap, examining autarchy in the ancient Near East, across GrecoRoman antiquity, and up to the early Middle Ages.

It includes a comparison with ancient China, and an essay from the perspective of reception history. This volume, which has now been published in eight languages, provides an overview of all Latin literature, from its beginnings to Boethius. Particular attention is paid to the continued influence of Latin literature up until the present day. Auflage S. IX, Seiten Geb. X, Seiten Geb. Aus Milet sind in literarischen wie inschriftlichen Zeugnissen der Antike so viele historische Personen bekannt wie sonst nur aus Athen.

Die Religionspolitik Konstantins wird oft mit dem modernen Ideal der Toleranz in Verbindung gebracht. Auch die Wirkungsgeschichte Konstantins kommt in den Blick. The religious policy of Constantine is often associated with the modern ideal of tolerance. This book inquires into the contours and shape of this modern concept as well as its meaning and scope in Late Antiquity. The history of research and reception of Constantine is also investigated. Late Antiquity; toleration; Constantine. From ancient Miletus are so many individuals known by literature and inscriptions as otherwise only from Athens.

All of them are collected in this prosopography, which will serve as basic manual for regional, social and historical studies concerning the Milesians: Every individual is presented with all ancient and the most of modern references to each person, describing the known profile of action as well as the hitherto known family-connections. Bisher sah die Forschung in Diodor einen Autor von schlichtem Geist und ebensolcher Arbeitstechnik, gerade gut genug, verlorene Geschichtswerke des Hellenismus zu rekonstruieren. How does a society of diverging status and wealth cohere? The monograph discusses Roman patronage as a way of holding social groups together.

By analysing the attitudes and actions of patrons and clients, their developtments between the 1st century B. Previous research saw Diodorus as an author with modest intellect and a working technique of equal mediocrity, just capable enough of reconstructing forgotten historical works from the Hellenistic period. Lucius Cornelius Sulla led his army against Rome, devastated Athens, and, as dictator, took bloody revenge on his enemies after his victory in the Civil War.

His iconoclasm was infused in the collective memory of Greeks and Romans for many generations. Based on the concepts of cultural trauma and cultural memory, this book presents the first comprehensive study on the ancient memory of Sulla, covering a period of over years.

This volume addresses Jewish, Christian and Muslim future visions on the end of the world, focusing on the respective allies and antagonists for each religious society. Greek historiography engaged with past and present time; but how exactly did this engagement incorporate claims to knowing the future? Considering prognosis as rooted in historiographical temporalities this volume reads historians from Herodotus to Appian with a view to exploring configurations of future time in the context of ancient and modern reflections on the historical as well as the ethical and political role of historiographical practice.

Collection, English, German, 2nd quarter Series Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes 32 pp. The triumphal procession is the most spectacular staging of victory in Roman antiquity and one of the most persistent rituals of any kind. For the first time, this volume systematically explores the historical development and sociocultural meaning of the Roman triumphal procession in the Principate and late antiquity.

It casts light on the ritual from a broad range of historical, philological, and archeological perspectives. Triumph, Imperial period; late antiquity. Collection, German, 4th quarter It further involves relevant aspects in the field of media, social and economic history. With new epigraphic and numismatic sources, the papers in this volume illuminate the imperial cult in the provinces and even outside the empire from its origins to Late Antiquity.

The volume Erfolgreich recherchieren — Klassische Altertumswissenschaften provides a comprehensive overview of information resources in all sectors of classical studies. The work not only presents key research tools such as library catalogues, specialized bibliographies, Internet search engines, article databases, and reference works, but also includes strategies for conducting a successful literature search.

It studies in which way their specific approach to philosophy can be explained by their Roman cultural and intellectual background. Dies zeigt die systematische Untersuchung seiner zentralen Texte. Konstanin d. The role of Christian institutions, writers and saints in the active suppression and destruction of books in Late Antiquity has received surprisingly little consideration. The author argues that texts and ideas from materialistic philosophical traditions were vulnerable to destruction, censorship or suppression through prohibition of the copying of manuscripts.

This includes texts which were to become the basis for modern philosophy and science. Book-burning; censorship; Epicurean philosophy;. Sigillography has provided Byzantine studies with large amounts of new material for analysis.

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The articles in Studies in Byzantine Sigillography deal with all aspects of Byzantine sigillography: presentation of new finds, discussion of new methods, questions of the political and ecclesiastical administration of Byzantium, prosopography, historical geography, and art-historical and iconographical problems. Byzantine Empire; sigillography. The first part of this volume contains a series of Latin and Greek creeds symbols from antiquity and the Early Middle Ages along with contemporary symbolic interpretations.

The second part includes studies on the origins and history of creeds as well as their use in different historical contexts history of piety, liturgy, and law. Creeds; history of dogma; trinity. The three earliest writings of Augustine of Hippo address questions about the Stoic and Skeptical theory of perception, ethics, pagan and Christian theology, and the ancient education program.

For the first time, this edition offers a text edited according to stringent scientific criteria that take into account the entire manuscript legacy. It is thus an important working tool for classical philologists, philosophers, and theologians. Augustine of Hippo; Christian Platonism; early dialogues; hellenistic philosophy.

Vergil; Lehrgedicht; Hirtendichtung. Niklas Holzberg has translated both works into metrical modern German. The places destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 C. Then as now, eroticism and humor were often combined and sometimes put into verse. These carmina are presented here for the first time in a critical edition with German translation and extensive commentary.

Inscription; daily life; Pompeii. Series Sammlung Tusculum S. Die 79 n. Genau wie heute waren Erotik und Witz beliebte Themen, die man gerne miteinander verquickte; mitunter goss man die Inhalte gar in Versform. Series Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte S. Der gefundene Papyrus von Derveni aus dem 4. Darin unterzieht ein uns namentlich unbekannter Autor einen orphischen Mythos einer radikalen naturphilosophischen Allegorese. Platon; Gorgias; Sophistik. The Derveni Papyrus, discovered in Greece in and written in the fourth century BC, is one of the oldest Greek papyri ever found.

It contains the work of an unknown author, who allegorizes an Orphic myth into a physical account of the creation of the universe. This text combines ritual, myth, and early Greek philosophy into a fascinating amalgam.

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The Derveni Papyrus is now available in German translation, and with an explanatory commentary. The volume includes a detailed introduction and explanatory comments. Mirjam E. Edition, German, Greek, 4th quarter This book is a collective volume on classical historiography. Approaching the ancient Greek and Roman historical texts from a literary point of view, the essays of the book elaborate on the effect of the compositional devices — in terms of style and narrative — of the ancient historians on the representation of the historical reality.

The book offers an introduction, translation and commentary of the earliest political speech delivered by Demosthenes, the Against Leptines. It studies the speech as a historical document for the reconstruction of Athenian fourth-century politics, law, judicial practices and public economy. It sheds light on the institution of nomothesia, on Athenian euergetism and the economy of honour, and on the workings of and debates on fiscal policy.

Athens; Demosthenes; legislation; economic history. Beyond the Fifth Century brings together 13 scholars from various disciplines to explore interactions with Greek tragedy from the 4th century BC up to the Middle Ages. The volume breaks new ground in several ways: in its chronological scope, the various modes of reception considered, the pervasive interest in interactions between tragedy and societyat-large, and the fact that some studies are of a comparative nature. Reception; Ancient Tragedy.

Collection, English, 2nd quarter Series Texte und Kommentare 55 Ca. Copious, complete indices to the inscriptions up to 44 BCE offer access to the difficult texts of the early period: Hans Krummrey has compiled the indices for Fasc.

In keeping with the special features of the Republican inscriptions, there is an initial lemmatic word index followed by indices of names, grammar, letter forms, and subject groups. Schuler, R. Haensch, A. Partim consilio et auctoritate Academiae Scientiarum Berolinensis et Brandenburgensis editum. Dem besonderen Charakter der republikanischen Inschriften entsprechend steht ein lemmatisierter Wortindex an erster Stelle, gefolgt von Indizes zu Namen, Grammatik, Buchstabenformen und Sachgruppen.

Die textkritische Edition aller Inschriften von Meilensteinen ist dabei im Kontext der sog. Der erste Faszikel umfasst das epigraphische und zum Teil anepigraphische Material aus dem Raum der Provinz Hispania citerior. The first fascicle includes the epigraphical and partially anepigraphical material from the province of Hispania citerior. Edition, Latin, 3rd quarter This volume includes inscriptions from late antiquity 4th—6th centuries CE from Corinth and its surroundings, primarily epitaphs, but also imperial edicts, dedications, and invocations.

Besides the texts with commentary around never published before , the volume includes detailed indexes and illustrations of all preserved inscriptions. Edition, Latin, Greek, 3rd quarter This is the third of six volumes of ancient inscriptions from the island of Kos and the neighboring islands of Kalymna, Leros, Lepsia, and Patmos. It includes more than 1, tomb inscriptions among them more than previously unpublished from the city of Kos and its environs.

Trier I. Den von B. Kramer vorgelegten griechischen Texten geht eine umfangreiche juristische Einleitung von C. The new court records from the Dikasterion in Heracleopolis include summons, witness testimonies and contracts dated to the beginning of the 2nd Century BC. The Greek papyri edited by B. Kramer are prefaced by an extensive juristic introduction by C. Edition, Latin, Greek, 1st quarter What role do rulers play in historical texts and what determines the way they are portrayed?

More fundamentally, what qualifies a text as a work of history, and what functions do such writings have with regard to rulers? This volume explores these themes, considering the national or regional, personal, discursive, and generic parameters that influenced the writing of history and the way rulers were depicted in humanist texts. Baker, R. Kaiser, M. Priesterjahn, and J. Series Transformationen der Antike 44 pp. The colloquium was an opportunity to compile and test the reliability of criteria used in the field to distinguish between ancient and pseudo-ancient sculptures and fragments.

Examples under scrutiny included portraits, ideal sculptures, and reliefs. The book tells the story of the Athenian elite between and BCE through the imagery on the luxury pottery from which the wealthy drank at their festivals. More than 6, analytic presentations lend insight into the lives of the elite as horse owners, athletes, and banquet socialites.

The pictorial analysis is prefaced by a cultural historical section that describes the history and socio-economic situation of the elite. Ancient elites; luxury pottery; classical Athens. The volume presents essays on different aspects of Roman sarcophagi. These varied approaches produce fresh insights into a subject which has received increased interest in English-language scholarship. Metropolitan sarcophagi are the main focus of the volume, which will cover a wide time range from the first century AD to post classical periods including early Christian sarcophagi and post-classical reception.

This book presents the results of the Cide Archaeological Project, an archaeological surface survey undertaken between - in the coastal Black Sea district of Cide and the adjacent inland district of Senpazar, Kastamonu province, Turkey. The life history of G. Steindorff mirrors the transformation of a developing discipline that was caught up in the turbulence of its own era. An examination of his legacy of correspondence provides insight into the motives, contexts, and internal dynamics of Egyptology from through National Socialism and the early post-war period.

Collection, German, 3rd quarter Die Datenbank neben der 2. The database Germanische Altertumskunde Online GAO provides a unique research tool for Old Germanic History including the subject areas of history, archaeology, art history, legal history, ethnology and religious studies. The database contains the complete data of the Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde and all the supplementary volumes published to date.


Korrespondenzanalyse; Chronologie;. Within the corpus of surviving Old English literature is a selection of texts that combine runic and Roman script. These works range from some of the most celebrated of Old English poetry, including the riddles and elegies, to lesser studied charms and alphabet poems.

This book presents the first comprehensive study of such texts, placing them in the context of developments in Anglo-Saxon literacy, writing practices, and material culture. Runology; Old English; script-mixing; Cyncewulf. Monograph, English, 3rd quarter Research based on written sources may run the risk of circular reasoning. This volume addresses the problem using the example of Southern Germany between the 5th to 8th century.

The author shows that already around , chronologies were biased by the assumption of an opposition between Franks and Alemanni. He develops a new chronological model based on over grave finds. All societies have deeply struggled with the issue of death and have found material and spiritual answers in response to death. The medieval and early modern world had to cope with the same questions, but found its own characteristic answers, as the contributions to this volume illustrate in a myriad of approaches. Monograph, English, 2nd quarter Languages belong to the fundamentals of human existence, and many more times than we might assume people actually speak two or more languages.

Studying bi- and multilingualism in the Middle Ages and beyond sheds important light on basic sociolinguistic structures determining everyday life and culture in the premodern world. The question of linguistic competence addresses inter-cultural, intra-social, and also inter-gender issues.

Mitte des Jahrhunderts wirkte der observante Ordenschronist Johannes Meyer kurz als Beichtvater im Berner Dominikanerinnenkloster. In the midth century, the observant Chronicler of the Order Johannes Meyer served briefly as a confessor in the Bern Dominican Convent.

With the aim of elevating the cloister into a model reform convent, he translated the compulsory normative texts for the nuns. Based on the rulebook, it is apparent that he sought a way out of the crisis through the functional and intensified use of vernacular literacy.

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Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture 17 pp. Series Kulturtopographie des alemannischen Raums 8 Ca. Dinge; Historische Narratologie; Gabe; agency. This volume features contributions on premodern literature, art, and society, written from the perspectives of object theory. It reflects in particular on theories of gift-exchange, as well as the concepts of agency and interconnections between humans and objects. Related fields of study that contribute to the discussions are historical narratology as well as the phenomena of artificiality and aesthetics.

Objects; historical narratology; gift; agency. Series Literatur - Theorie - Geschichte 9 S. Literatur; Historiographie; Policratius; Rolandslied. Recent years have witnessed growing interest in anger as a literary and societal phenomenon. Delving into this topic, this work examines the ways that 12th century authors functionalized rage for their narratives of power and rule. An innovative aspect of the work is its cross-genre examination of texts that can be seen as key conceptualizations of early statehood. Historiography; Policratius; The Song of Roland. Dabei geht es u.

Stiftungswesen; Interkultureller Vergleich; Transkulturelle Beziehungen. The essays examine differences in the gender of the participants, geographical distribution, critiques of foundations, and intercultural imitations. Foundations; endowments; intercultural compari-. The community of monks established around was among the five wealthiest imperial abbeys with broad autonomous standing between the regional powers of Trier and Luxembourg. It implemented numerous reforms to the structure of the imperial church and was the training site for higher-level clergy.

Of particular note are its specific formulation of the Benedictine rule and its scriptorium. Reference Work, German, 3rd quarter Abb; 2 S. Index of persons, churches and places of the German Empire figuring in the supplication registers of the Penitentiary]. Bemerkenswert sind ihre spezifische Ausformung der Benedictusregel und ihr Skriptorium. Altes Reich; Kirchengeschichte; Benediktinerabtei St. Maximin; Trier. Band: 2 Indices. Der vorliegende Sammelband analysiert diese wechselseitigen Austauschprozesse, wobei er neben Verflechtungen zwischen Christen, Juden und Muslimen auch die Beziehungen zwischen Westeuropa, dem byzantinischen Reich, dem Nahen Osten und Indien in den Blick nimmt.

Wasser ist Leben. Der individuelle Organismus, menschliche Sozialbildungen und Kulturleistungen sind auf das Wasser angewiesen. Wasser fordert zu kulturellen Reaktionen im Bereich seiner Bewirtschaftung, Bewertung und Symbolik heraus. This collected volume analyzes these reciprocal exchange processes, taking into consideration connections between Christians, Jews, and Moslems as well as relationships between Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire, the Near East, and India. Water is life. The human organism, our social relations and cultural achievements all depend on water.

Water can preserve or destroy life, unite or separate us, and act as a force for liberation or dissipation. Water calls forth various cultural reactions as an economic, social, and symbolic factor. In the 47 essays collected in this book, medieval scholars from various disciplines consider water in its diverse functions.

Migration; globalisation; transcultural medieval studies. Die Studie fragt danach, ob der in verschiedensten Quellen begegnende Begriff auf eine reale Einheit verwies oder bereits im Mittelalter ein Instrument politisch-ideologischer Programme war. This essay questions whether this term used in diverse sources actually referred to any real entity or, if instead, it already served during the Middle Ages as an instrument for political and ideological agendas.

Papsttum; Mittelalterliche Kirche. The struggle of the Antipopes multiplied the structures of the medieval church from the top down. This study focuses on this temporary blurring of the papal hierarchy and examines the mechanisms of duplication, assertions, and attributions of authority from historical, church historical, ecclesiastic, ceremonial, and historiographic perspectives. Schriften des Historischen Kollegs 95 Ca. Jahrhunderts heftige territorialpolitische Auseinandersetzungen stattfanden.

Bischof Heinrich II. Frank G. Ein Nachtrag stellt die Tendenzen und Entwicklungen der Stadtgeschichtsforschung seit der ersten Auflage dar; die aktualisierte Bibliographie rundet den Band ab. Deutsches Reich; Stadtgeschichte; Lehrbuch; Studienbuch. Hirschmann has prepared a revised edition of his highly praised textbook on the medieval city. The cities are examined in their full diversity from economic, social, ecclesiastical, and architectural perspectives. A supplement presents trends and developments in research on urban history since the first edition; an updated bibliography completes the volume.

German empire; urban history; textbook; study. The analysis addresses dynamic changes in legal regulations and practices along with religious, secular, technological, and economic ways of action that are predicated on geographical, linguistic, and cultural transmission. Legal history; textbook; study book; spatial turn; methodology. Der Dominikanerorden kann als mittelalterlicher Leitorden in Bezug auf Verfassung, Studium und Seelsorge verstanden werden. Bilder spielten dabei — auch und gerade im Protestantismus — eine zentrale, bisher zu wenig beachtete Rolle.

The Dominican is generally considered the preeminent monastic Order of the medieval era. This volume presents contemporary writings from various disciplinary perspectives on questions of innovation and tradition in the medieval context and considers both the Orders of friars as well as of nuns on questions of knowledge as power and on knowledge of self and the other. Senner OP, Istituto S. Tommaso, Rom. In the world of the Protestant Reformation, laypersons became the bearers of new practices and forms of personal appropriation and internalization of faith.

Particularly in Protestantism, images played a central but hitherto neglected role in this process. As they address this theme, the multi-disciplinary authors of this lavishly illustrated compilation repeatedly chart new territory. Piety; visual culture; Reformation; bible illustrations.

Sozialgeschichte; Philosophie des Mittelalters; Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Practices and techniques of imparting competency and knowledge are always essential for any mediation- or transfer process. Based on the distinctive master-disciple relationship, this volume examines individual ways of life, social contexts and institutional requirements as well as discursive practices and epistemological implications of this key relationship bequeathing culturally conveyed proficiencies and culturally encoded knowledge. Philosophy of the Middle Ages; social history; history of science.

Series Miscellanea Mediaevalia 39 Ca. It is intended to help overcome the academic division of a diverse tradition, bearing witness to the same inseparable contexts expressed in manifold ways, into the specialist research fields of a conventional subject classification. Neu sind u. Die Literatur ist auf den neuesten Stand gebracht worden. Auch die Abbildungen wurden aktualisiert. This book represents a continuation and recapitulation of the previous work of Benedictow. It consists of a collection of papers concerning the controversies over the microbiological and epidemiological fundamentals of the plague epidemics in the past inspired by the European discussion conducted over the last 30 years in the Scandinavian research community.

Early Modern History, History of epidemics. This new edition has been substantially revised and expanded. New elements include discussions of rune stones as legal sources, Danish and Swedish conquests in the Baltic area, and the local administration in that area. The literature has been brought fully up to date. The figures have also been updated, such that the new edition is once again an indispensable reference for Scandinavian scholars and legal historians.

Karl Hausberger depicts the life and work of the thirteen Regensburg bishops who served between and The narrow area of temporal territorial authority stands out in stark contrast with the breadth of their area of spiritual jurisdiction, which extended across wide portions of Old Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate. Regensburg Bishopric; Germania Sacra; church history; modern history. Folge 1 und Marienfeld 3. Folge 2 sowie Bredelar 3.

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Following the proven system of the Germania Sacra, Hillen knowledgeably outlines the history, charter, spiritual and religious life, history of ownership, and especially, the personnel of the abbey from the time it was founded to its abolition in Welchen Beitrag leisten verschiedene literarische Formen der Auseinandersetzung mit der Vergangenheit zur Konstruktion von Ich- bzw. How do various literary forms contribute to an engagement with the past to construct a sense of individual or collective identity?

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Buy Die Geschichte der Arabischen Halbinsel (German Edition) on Durch Erdöl zu Reichtum gekommen werden unzählige Megaprojekte in karger. Die Erdölwirtschaft der Arabischen Halbinsel. (German Edition). Bastian Naumann. Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically.

To answer this question, the authors of this volume investigate the use of different dramatic strategies as a practice of creating identity in the written, often illustrated depictions of the past during the transition from the Middle Ages to early modernity. Contemporary republics incorporated the perspectives of political reformist thinking during the early Enlightenment. Across Europe, they became the focus of a new rational analysis, which sought to sound out possibilities for the present and future.

In the early modern period, marriages between Catholics and Protestants were discouraged by authorities, churches, and families, but rarely prevented. Conflicts arose about religious freedom and conversion, the scope of paternal power, and the upbringing of children. Dagmar Freist describes the tensions between trans-denominational culture and gender relations, authoritarian confessional politics, freedom of religion, and coercion of belief.

Der konfessionelle Dissens wurde Teil der politischen Kultur des Reiches und diente damit letztlich seiner Stabilisierung. As a result of the constitutional system created by the Peace of Westphalia, numerous conflicts became denominationally charged at various political levels, thus involving the upper-level institutions of the Holy Roman Empire i.

Series bibliothek altes Reich 19 Ca. In Speyer zeigte sich im Die Fortschreibung der Topoi diente zur Kompensation eines stadtgeschichtlichen Bedeutungswandels. This book investigates the image of Frankfurt that was developed in journalistic publications in the early modern period. When did this image arise, how did it develop, and what function did it possess? During the 16th and 17th centuries, Speyer was an organizational center for the Holy Roman Empire.

Speyer sat at the crossroads between the religious adversaries Mainz and Pfalz. Inszenierungsstrategie, Hofhaltungspraxis, Freundschaftsrhetorik.

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Seit der Mitte des For the first time, the book examines the emergence of the Habsburgs as a leading ruling dynasty under Maximilian I from the perspective of its most important diplomats. It analyzes their influence on European power politics, while also describing their career paths and their role as cultural communicators. This perspective from the field of communication history additionally offers insight into the process of diplomatic exchange during the era. In early modern Europe, starting in the midth century, peace treaties and other international treaties were compiled and published.

This groundbreaking analysis of the creation, use, and reception of such compilations conclusively shows their critical role in the genesis, interpretation, and design of pre-modern foreign relations as well as the formation of the disciplines that studied them. In this study, Oliver Malick reveals that the exact opposite was the case. Her skillful self-presentation as model widow, mother, and regent, and her targeted use of the rhetoric of friendship to foster client loyalty reveal Anne of Austria as a talented strategist and architect of an extensive politics of patronage.

Diplomatiegeschichte; Hofkultur; Habsburg-Dynas-. In both world regions a plurality of languages, religions, and types of belonging by birth was in premodern times matched by a plurality of legal systems and practices. This volume describes case-by-case the points where law and social diversity intersected. Claudia Jarzebowski examines the relationship between childhood and emotion in the construction of social relationships.

She questions anthropological preconceptions about what defines children and emotions and suggests they need to be reformulated. The essays in this volume examine portrayal of rule, power, law, and violence in medieval and early modern animal epics: along with satirical critique, one can also observe a deeper epistemic engagement with the justifications that validate the political order. The inquiry reveals responses to existing normative systems along with original reflections of the nature of politics.

This volume offers a range of case studies and reflections on aspects of death and burial in postmedieval Europe. What was the specific function of knowledge in early modern colonial Spain? Brendecke analyzes the connections between empiricism and power in the era of the Spanish Habsburgs and reveals the importance of knowledge in the process of nationbuilding. In a unique way, he succeeds in producing a political history that synthesizes approaches native to ideological, scientific, and communications history.

Monograph, English, 4th quarter What was the end of fortuna? Collection, English, 4th quarter This source edition with commentary provides multifaceted insight into the history of the 18th century trade with Asia, which was marked by competition and cooperation between companies. It includes a logbook from an English trading ship, diaries of English trade representatives, and a travel report by a Belgian ship crew.

Edition, English, 2nd quarter This revised new edition provides an overview of various topics, including the early modern period from the end of the Thirty Years War to the French Revolution; Enlightenment as era or open-ended political project; changing awareness at the dawn of modernity; the rise of the knowledge society; state systems, colonialism, discourses of power and rule; and places, protagonists and luminaries of the European Enlightenment. Introduction; textbook; study book. Studies of early modern scholasticism are experiencing a boom today.

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Both beginners and experts will find the tools in this volume for conducting independent research on the sources and cross-disciplinary insight regarding the state of research. Legal history; late scholasticism; textbook; natural law. This book presents an issue-focused history of humanism and the Renaissance in Germany in a European context, starting with an examination of Italy as a model and drawing on the broad conceptual and research guidelines established by Burckhardt and subsequent scholars.

The irenical tract De officio pii viri by Georgius Cassander — , its reception and its reprints highlight 16th-century erasmian humanist efforts for Church reunification in the Age of Reformation. Two contemporary translations, one in German by Georg von Cell and one in French by Jean Hotman, show us how De officio pii viri was adapted to the ongoing struggle for church peace in different parts of Europe. GIGA and the authors cannot be held liable for any errors and omissions, or for any consequences arising from the use of the information provided.

Matthias Basedau. There is a long history of Muslim proselytism in the region, some of which has had destabilising effects. There are, however, also stabilising influences emanating from Muslim countries, including Egypt and Morocco. Relevant activities merit the attention of the European Union in order for the latter to sound out opportunities for joint approaches.

Parallel action, in appropriate cases even joint action, to guarantee legitimate religious education and practice is in the interest of both the Sahel states and Europe. Destabilising effects such as those stemming from insufficiently regulated preaching should be monitored in collaboration with administrative bodies of affected countries and contained, preferably in cooperation with partners from the Muslim world such as Egypt or Morocco.

Policy Implications It is important for Europe to be able to realistically analyse possible destabilising effects of the influence of outside Muslim countries on the Sahel region and not base its judgement and foreign policy decisions on mere preconception. Formen der Zusammenarbeit mit den Bruderschaften in vertretbaren Einzelbereichen sollten ausgelotet werden.