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We felt them in our hearts before we even knew them, and now we'll get to like never before.

Seduction of a Straight Girl

Such a towering figure deserves a towering tome, and Benjamin Moser has delivered. This read-it-in-one-sitting, multigenerational novel is a poetic epic in miniature, tracing the lives, loves, and losses of a single family over the past century. Combining dreamily gorgeous artwork and lyrical, sophisticated storytelling the year-old Eisner award-winning graphic novelist has emerged as a master of her craft. Here, she channels Murakami with a magical realist road trip starring two women and a mysterious cat.

Set against the backdrop of the s Uruguayan dictatorship, De Robertis's fourth novel offers a sweeping portrait of love in a time of ruthless tumult, following five women over thirty-five years. An astoundingly audacious debut, Porter's novel traces the intertwining stories and fates of multiple families from the Jim Crow era to Obama's presidency.

Fitting for the poet at this story's heart, Wieland's fifth novel, which follows Elizabeth Bishop as she navigates the City of Lights in the lead up to World War II, is an achingly introspective marvel. Here, a daughter inherits her father's taxidermy business after discovering him dead by suicide, while her mother makes pornographic art out of the hollowed animals. The author of Here Comes the Sun delivers a sumptuous immigrant saga about a Jamaican woman whose dreams of America mean leaving her young daughter behind.

Vuong's first novel and follow-up to his magnificent poetry collection, Night Sky with Exit Wounds , is not just briefly gorgeous—it's exquisite through and through, every sentence a glittering and finely-cut gem. Here, he returns to the themes of family history and forbidden desires. Let this heartwarmingly romantic tale—about the son of an American president falling in love with the prince of Wales—be a balm for your political and cultural cynicism.

Molly Ringwald translated this French Call Me By Your Name -esque novel about two teenagers in Bordeaux as they fall in love in the shadows, leaving one of them to reflect on the relationship many years later. Type keyword s to search. When Vanessa challenges him, she fails. She thought she could take him on, but she was wrong, which is why she soon ends up with a collar around her neck. One step at a time, he will train her as a The Infernalis Club started as a bet between two friends, but will Lord Standish be able to find enough comely participants to accommodate such a debauched secret society?

But will Lettie be the right fit for the Infernalis Club? Find out in: "Maid For More. All characters are over For mature readers. Climax: 7 Erotic Novellas. Get lucky 7 times! The name says it all! All characters are over the age of It is intended for mature readers. Tommy Davis gets the shock of his life when his former third-grade teacher walks into the examining room. She's there for a routine physical, but what he gives her instead is the most thorough medical examination of her life. In fact, he examines her brains out right there on the table and gives her a lot more than she bargained for in this steamy short story from Lance Mayhem.

Davis is truly sinful Telekinetic Tara and the Really Massive Cucumber.

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Tara has powerful telekinetic abilities, which have allowed her to make a living as a scantily clad stage illusionist although her magic is no illusion , but have kept her from being able to date anyone for fear of her powers being discovered. She's been lusting after Matt, a guy she just keeps running into, but has to make do with her own fantasies and the creative ways her powers allow her to deal with them.

Tara uses her secret superpowers for all kinds of things, and when she spots an abnormally large salad vegetable at the supermarket, she gets an urge she just can't resist taking care of right there and then! But can she keep her cool when Matt shows up in the store at exactly the wrong moment? This is a fun, steamy short story about the pros and cons of superpowers! Think you can handle the heat? Daddy's Devotion. Obedient Daughter. Ready to get down right dirty?

Online Passion. Hot 6 MFM threesome romance short stories more than 60, words of reading!

Best Erotic fiction anthologies and collections

Finally Free Author: Eliza Duncan With her two daughters going off to college, Maddie finally decides to do something about the fact that she is gay. Tweet This. Which means I gotta get out, quick, before I fall in love with my wife. For Barb and each of her twelve writers, the stakes in this fast-moving story are high, but its emotional and romantic payoffs are slow and sweet. There are few things more satisfying than seeing oneself reflected in literature.

Beautiful Torment. We both knew it was wrong. But nothing has ever felt this right. He's a teacher. I'm his student. But that doesn't stop us. Luci Cunningham is about to begin her senior year, but her entire world is turned upside down when she walks into chemistry on the first day of school.

She didn't expect her teacher to be so Warning: This book contains explicit language, sex scenes, and is intended for ages 18 and up Is this book right for you? These erotic fantasies in everyday settings are my get-away and my escape. Like March crocuses after the cold barren winter, fantasies since my divorce have helped my love life bloom.

Lisa's Lessons - A collection of four erotic stories

I share these spiritually erotic escapes with you in the hopes that your own love life might get a boost. When I started sharing these fantasies with whichever lover I was with at the time, my sex life improved immensely. Sharing is caring!

41 of the Best LGBTQ Books That'll Change the Literary Landscape in 12222

I never laughed so much, or felt the orgasms so hard, as when I started allowing myself to have fantasies. And then again when I started sharing them with my lover. Taught to play by a few imaginative lovers, mostly olde Triple Shot: A Menage Collection. Five sizzling hot menage romances to steam up your summer.

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Girl Fun - Lesbian Erotic Stories Four Book Bundle - Kindle edition by Miranda Forbes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Erotica: Horny Holiday Fun, 7 Erotic Sex Adult Short Stories Collection . Lesbian Erotica: Girl's Night, 8 Lesbian Adult Sex Short Stories Bundle .. Fresh news is breaking every four seconds (approximately) in the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh.

Two men. One night.

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Half-a-million dollars. Julianne is in debt up to her eyeballs due to her mother's illness and her job as a catering waitress will never be enough to make ends meet. But a mysterious offer could solve all her problems.

Reward Yourself

On the eve of her leaving the Excelsious forever, however, she finds out that things aren't always as they seem. Can the final barrier between her and Eve be overcome before the two lovers lose each other for good? Sea Daze 4: Luff and Touch Her is a word long erotic story and contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature. This is the final installment of a four-part series.

This bundle contains sexual situations between two women. Not intended for readers under the age of The Cuck Bundle. Logan's Duty Erotic Romance.