Dear Diary

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Passion for raw materials, composing, original creation. Patience in listening, communicating, to target expectations and interpret them. Perseverance to come up with the closest translation of the described dream and vision.

Dear Diary

Everything came from Amber: Cosy, oriental, sensual and mysterious. I then told seven stories, seven fragrances, just like as many romances with the same intro, but how different and various are the developments! Seven perfumes, seven pages of a Diary that tells the story of a life, its adventures, discoveries, diversity.

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Nothing means more than the freedom to create, to choose each scent one by one and to compile them, so to interpret one's dream. List layout.

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Picture layout. A nd if you're not a writer, don't worry, adds Dr McCartney.

It doesn't have to be formal. Each night she writes at least one sentence about what happened that day in order to appreciate the little moments in her life. Spending a few minutes taking a note of the little things can be very therapeutic.


Our stories What i was … What i am now…. But I'm ringing the changes with a new, briefer form of journaling. Cancelar Excluir. Customer reviews. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam. Procedure 1 Talk to Dax at her apartment then head to your Javelin to launch the Expedition 2 Follow your marker and head to the ambush site 3 Ambush Talon's Strider, defeating Outlaws and Scars 4 After the battle, go into the Strider and interact with the materials you find there 5 Follow your marker to bring the map to Dax 6 Talk to Dax then head out to track down the Strider 7 Investigate the Strider and find the replacement battery 8 Head up the Strider and place the battery in its slot 9 Find the power panel, shoot it then activate it to reset the power - do the same to the safety lock on the other side 10 Defeat the Ancient Ash Titan 11 Once you've defeated the Ancient Ash Titan, open the Strider cargo door 12 Interact with the materials inside to get the Overlay then travel back to Camp 13 Once you reach the Camp, destroy the Outlaw Turrets and defeat Talon's forces 14 When all 5 Turrets are down, open the Hideout door and go inside to complete the mission.

Dr Beresford has personal experience of the benefits. I now do it every night.

A nd so, in the past three weeks, I have followed Dr Beresford's lead. I have always been one to fill notebooks with self-indulgent musings, which has been a great way to purge emotions.

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But I'm ringing the changes with a new, briefer form of journaling. Don't we just want validation? To be assured that we are perfect just as we are? Wouldn't we rather hold on to pleasant dreams about putting in the work to get better, rather than taking each painful step forward?

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This Skillshare class on documentary photography has 16, students. Only 78 of them submitted the class project, which was to take two photos.

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What can I make for the crazy ones? The ones who aren't satisfied to go to work, watch Netflix and die. For the real creators—not the ones with the most followers.

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For those brave enough to go after meaning. Over Instagram.


DeAr DiArY, Gujranwala, Pakistan. K likes. This page is About Poetry Related to Happiness, sadness,ups and down of a Relationship. Dear Diary, Lahore, Pakistan. likes · talking about this. Share your stuff with us We will share it!!!.

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DEAR DIARY... //Gacha Life Movie\\ !Includes Profanity!

Talk soon! Let's get real. I send you an email every few weeks: struggles, triumphs, embarassments. And no spam.