Le grand livre des métiers (French Edition)

Le Grand Livre des Metiers de Bouche
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Classification Dewey : Seller Inventory RO Condition: Fine. AS NEW. Le Grand Livre des Metiers de Bouche.

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Publisher: Erti , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. There is no disputing the prestige that comes with inclusion in the Collection Blanche , but I have to wonder: how must it feel, as an author, to labor for years on your work, only to suddenly lose it amid a field of cloned covers? What I see here is a kind of numbing homogeneity, a kind of creative stasis.

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There is something a little too easy about hiding behind a simple monochrome cover, book after book, year after year, decade after decade. I would like to see this phenomenon spread beyond mass-market books and into the realm of literary fiction.

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GRAND LIVRE DES METIERS (LE): lazirumamyde.cf: COLLECTIF: Books. Start reading Le grand livre des métiers (French Edition) on your Kindle in under a. Le grand livre des métiers (French Edition) eBook: Collectif: lazirumamyde.cf: Kindle Store.

But I see no reason to present them as-is, without any visual hook. Far from detracting from the text, skillful graphic design can heighten the reading experience by getting our blood pumping the second we lay our eyes on the book. More and more, I think publishers here are seeing that. The collection is nearing seven hundred titles, yet the covers never go stale.

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Simple changes in color and typography, as well as occasional graphic variations, ensure that each book remains unique:. Who could resist cracking the cover open and taking a peek inside? I have done my best so far to steer clear of e-books, the rise of the smartphone, etc. But we are living in a technological and fast-paced world, where readers — even dedicated ones — are increasingly submerged by distractions and bombarded by stimuli.