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cpanel.amosautomotive.com/xyha-kaufen-zithromax-100mg.php There was a case you could make for Bannon not holding that position. There is no necessary or logical reason why a President's political strategist needs to be a member of any specific advisory unit. Bannon was on the NSC, though, and now he's not on it. That looks, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels like a demotion. So I guess we can kiss goodbye to "America first. As depressing as these two things were, the fact of them happening a few hours apart was double depressing. There can't have been a direct connection: The gas attack that prompted our bombing of the air base happened just about the same time Bannon was getting his pink slip from the NSC, so there can't have been a scenario where Trump decided to bomb, Bannon protested, Bannon got dumped.

Still, it's hard to imagine that Bannon wouldn't have protested our bombing if the sequence of events had been different. Thursday, "America first" got tossed out of the White House window. Not a good week. Concerning Bannon's demotion, there are plenty of rumors and speculations. It's hard to evaluate them without good inside information, which I don't have; so I'll wait till the memoirs come out.

The attack on Syria, though, is a complete repudiation of Trumpism as we were given to understand it. I'll give it a segment of its own. Well, so we bombed Syria. If President Trump himself is to be believed, the bombing was inspired by his own feelings of outrage at seeing pictures of little children who had been killed by the poison gas. Quote from him , with apologies for the sound quality:.

So apparently the driving motive here was the President's feelings, wo wo wo feelings. We thought we'd elected a practical, deal-making, hard-headed National Conservative to the presidency. It seems that we actually elected a year-old girl.

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Of course it's a shame for little kids to be killed; and poisoning by gas is a nasty way to go. The world is full of horrors, though. Why is this particular one any of America's business? Let the President explain. Is it?

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Chemical weapons, like nuclear weapons, are awful, and we should certainly do what we can to stop them getting into the hands of bad actors. We can't do much, though; not even as much as we can do with nukes, which at least require some substantial expertise and industrial infrastructure. Our best defense, as with nukes, is deterrence. And deterrence works. When Britain declared war on Germany in World War Two, the British government issued millions of gas masks to the civilian population. Gas had been used as a weapon in the previous big war ; everyone assumed it would play a major role in the new one.

It didn't. Germany knew if they used it on Britain, the Brits would use it right back. Deterrence worked. Even terrorists have kept away from gas. Sarin gas, which seems to have been what the Syrians used against their rebels, featured in the Tokyo subway attacks of It hasn't featured in terrorist attacks since, though. And all of that assumes that Tuesday's gas attack in Syria actually was perpetrated by the Syrian air force against rebels. As many commentators have observed, Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator, has pretty much won his civil war. He was in no need of desperate measures; and as an intelligent guy, he surely realized that using gas would make for a lot of really bad publicity.

Even if he's crazy, which I don't believe, he's not that kind of crazy. The Rebels? The Saudis? The Israelis? I wouldn't rule it out. And if it was a false flag, the whole world now knows that if A is fighting B, and B is losing badly, and B figures that it would help for Uncle Sam to drop a few bombs on A, then a little staged atrocity theater will do the trick. Is President Trump really such an emotional ninny as to attack a foreign country because some images from their civil war upset him?

Ghastly things happened in our own Civil War, God knows; but I never heard that the guy in charge of Syria at the time, Sultan Abdulaziz the Unfortunate , thought it was any of his business. Of course, the Sultan didn't have high-definition TV; perhaps that's what makes the difference.

And listening to the President speaking there, he doesn't sound very Trumpish. On the news commentary websites, everybody and his brother have been posting Trump's tweets from four years ago , when it looked as though Barack Obama might do something or other in Syria. Sample One:. End sample tweets, all from How did we end up with George W. Bush the Second, with all this World Policeman stuff and God language and emoting?

One possibility being aired is that the President has been captured by his daughter Ivanka and her husband, who is one of his senior advisors. Well, that Thursday night address was definitely more girly than guyish and more Gen-X than Boomer; and speaking as the father of a princess myself, I know how susceptible we can be. Still I expected more strength of character from Trump.

This is a grave disappointment. Clutching at straws, I'm trying to think of some reason, some National Conservative reason, President Trump might have done this. One possibility is the Nixon strategy. President Nixon believed it was good for potential adversaries to have some doubt about whether perhaps he was a little bit crazy and unpredictable. Better be careful!

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Man a decent hotel gives you a cotton robe and breakfast for under a hundred dollars. Her book, the astonishing power of emotions calibrates Currently the Republican party calibrates , Currently the Democratic party calibrates The word "conscience" derives etymologically from the Latin conscientia , meaning "privity of knowledge" [83] or "with-knowledge". Vol 1. Authority control NDL :

That really is clutching at straws, though. I suspect that what they are actually thinking is: "Wow, this guy's just as keen as that dumbass George W. Bush was to spend trillions of his people's dollars and thousands of their lives on pointless wars in the Middle East. How can I play this idiot to my advantage? As vexing as the Syrian bombing itself, is the opportunity cost: the things our President is not doing while he's dabbing his eyes at images of dead Syrian babies. A big thing he's not doing is, he's not acting on immigration, one of his strongest issues on the campaign trail, and one that differentiated him from all the other candidates of both parties.

Here are two stories from the immigration log this week, stories of a kind I hoped I wouldn't be reading any more once a Trump administration had settled in. First story.

We all know that without millions of illegal aliens, crops would be rotting in the fields. Well, apparently things are worse than that. Without the illegals, American schoolchildren will be rotting in their classrooms. This story is from the Guardian , Britain's far-left white-submissivist newspaper. A white submissivist, in case you don't know, is the opposite of a white supremacist.

OK, the Guardian , April 5th, headline: Dreamers need not apply: city's teacher shortage overlooks the undocumented. The city in that headline is Charlotte, North Carolina. In that city lives a young woman named Madai Zamora, 23 years old, who has been studying to become a teacher. Which she can't get, as she is an illegal alien.

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However, North Carolina, in common with most other states, doesn't issue teaching licenses to illegals. Just as I said: Students are rotting in the classrooms all over the U. Zamora's parents. If you do say that, you are plainly a hateful hater filled with hate. You may also say that basic economics offers a rather straightforward prescription for any kind of shortage. If you say that , you are unmasking yourself as an innumerate ignoramus. Since immunity from deportation under DACA is only good for two years, then has to be renewed, the solution seems straightforward: stop renewing.

DACA is entirely an executive-branch initiative; Congress and the courts have nothing to say about it. The executive branch doesn't even have to take any action, other than to instruct the relevant employees to practice in -action. Just stop renewing. What's the problem here, Mr. Three weeks ago I reported on a story from The Economist magazine about wealthy Chinese students at the University of Iowa, flaunting their wealth and sneering at the local rubes. This story belongs with that one. The principal person in this story is one Tiffany Li, 31 years old, of San Francisco.

That's Li spelt L-I; the lady is of Chinese origin. Li has two daughters by a man named Keith Green. They had lived together in an upmarket property she owned. Then she got involved with another man. Li was known to fear losing custody of her daughters by Green. Keith Green disappeared some months ago.

His body was later found with a bullet wound to the neck. The lady has been charged, along with her boyfriend and an associate of his, with the killing of Keith Green. The three go to trial in September. Meanwhile Ms. Li is out on bail. And there is the story: Ms.

Apparently she is well-connected in China. He two co-defendants remain in jail. It seems she didn't want to cover their bail, too.

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Why should she? They're just a couple of dumb American yokels who don't even know how to get rich. I don't know Ms. Li's immigration history, but it's hard to see what the U. Or rather, it's all too easy to see what we gained: We gained another infusion of the kind of shameless, rampant corruption that the Chinese Communist Party allows and encourages, and that ordinary working- and middle-class Chinese people in China complain about bitterly. A couple of secondary questions also occur.

A Rather than burdening ourselves with more vetting and scrutiny of the million or so legal residents we admit every year, why not simplify things with a moratorium? Wives and dependent children of citizens; certified, credentialed geniuses; foreigners who have risked their lives on our behalf; others only by explicit, named, hand-signed-by-the-President executive order.

We have a third of a billion people; why do we need to import more? And B Independent of that, why are there apparently no restrictions at all on foreigners buying up our real estate? With our own young people loaded down with student debt, should we really be jacking up property prices out of their reach so that some Chinese crook can launder his cash through San Francisco real estate?

Can't we let Syrians take care of their own business while we take care of ours? Steve's been having some fun with the story of Ziad Ahmed, an year-old student at an expensive private school in New Jersey. Young Ziad has been accepted for a place at Stanford University. Congratulations to the lad. Getting accepted by Stanford is not newsy in itself, of course; and I may as well mention that he was also accepted at Princeton and Yale. What's newsy is that on the Stanford application form, to the questions, "What matters to you, and why?

June 25, 12222

Apparently the Stanford admissions officers really liked that, even though Ziad didn't answer the second part of the question, the "why? He's been a busy Social Justice Warrior since puberty. He worked for Mrs. Clinton's campaign. He's founded Social Justice organizations, interned for lefty politicians, and so on. Ziad's father, an immigrant from Bangladesh, got rich as a Wall Street quant, and then seriously rich as a hedge fund manager. Even those of us who think young Ziad is a loathsome little twerp have to concede that he's played the game superbly well.

The moral of the story, as Steve points out, is that one road to wealth and power in a modern Western society is by playing that game. And , as Steve also points out, a secondary lesson here is that the highest levels of skill in playing this game are not typically found among legacy Americans. Exotic Americans like Obama and young Zaid, with roots in the old despotic-bureaucratic cultures of East Asia and Islamia grasp, much more easily than we do, that kissing up to the state ideology and its enforcers is a faster and more sure route to worldly success than sucker strategies like hard work, thrift, and honesty.

That tells us revealing things, sad things, about the direction the U. Reading the story of Ziad Ahmed's reply to those questions on the Stanford application brought something else to my mind: a name, to be exact, a famous name. The fame of this name is localized in space and time, as is often the case with fame. Everyone in the U.

This is one of those names. The name is Zhang Tiesheng. If you are Chinese and over forty years old, you just fell off your chair laughing. If not, you are frowning and saying, "Who he? Everyone's heard of the Great Cultural Revolution, which Mao Tse-tung started up in to, as he saw it, reinvigorate the Communist Party, which he thought was getting too complacent and bureaucratic.

So the Cultural Revolution got going. There was a spell of chaos, when all colleges were closed. When they re-opened, students were admitted not on examination results, but on class background and political zeal. These were the so-called "worker-peasant-soldier" students.

By the early seventies the Cultural Revolution had developed into a power struggle between radicals, led by Mao and his wife, and more moderate elements, especially in the army. Sometimes radicals had the upper hand, sometimes moderates. In the moderates got back some control over education. They re-established college entrance examinations.

That's where Zhang Tiesheng comes in.

Zhang, age 22, sat for the new college entrance exams that year, He hadn't studied much, though, and his heart was with the radicals' worker-peasant-soldier ideal of a college student, politically correct and fired up with revolutionary zeal. So instead of answering the questions on the paper, he left the answer spaces blank; then on the back of the paper he wrote out a short radical manifesto. That's what he's famous for; he's the bai juan ying xiong , the Empty Sheet Hero.

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