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Merlin casts a healing spell but due to the necklace, it backfires and Uther dies. An enraged Arthur blames the disguised Merlin for Uther's death but Merlin knocks him unconscious to prevent Arthur from attacking him and transforms back into himself. Merlin disguises himself as Dragoon to save Uther. Gaius later shows Merlin the necklace and Merlin realizes what Morgana did. Arthur then tells Merlin that he lost both his parents due to magic and that he sees it as pure evil.

Merlin blames himself for Uther's death and worries that his magic will never be revealed to Arthur but Gaius reassures him that Arthur will soon learn of his magic and that he is not to blame for Uther's death. When the mysterious Julius Borden visits Gaius telling Gaius of his plan to bring forth a new dragon into the world, Merlin is gravitated to help him. After telling Kilgharrah of this matter, Merlin promises the Great Dragon that he will fulfil his duties as a Dragonlord and rescue the egg.

Merlin steals Arthur's key to the vaults in order for Julius to enter and retrieve the final piece if the Triskelion which is the key to the Tomb of Ashkanar which contains the last remaining dragon's egg. Julius however betrays Merlin by knocking him unconscious after he unites the Triskelion. Gaius is furious at Merlin for helping Julius despite his warnings. Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table embark on a journey to stop Julius Borden before he gets to the egg.

Julius manages to hurt Sir Percival by shooting him with an arrow and later poisons the knights by shooting a poultice into their stew, but they are saved by Merlin. With the knights unconscious, Merlin continues the journey to the Tomb of Ashkanar alone and manages to save the dragon egg. By taking the egg, the tomb comes tumbling and Julius dies in the rubble. After showing Gaius the egg, he takes the egg to Kilgharrah and is told to use his Dragonlord power and name the young dragon in order to summon it from the egg.

Merlin names the white dragon Aithusa , meaning the "light of the sun". Kilgharrah says that a white dragon "bodes well for Albion" Aithusa. When Arthur is faced with a difficult decision to kill King Caerleon, Merlin advises Arthur not to do so, as it is unlikely for Arthur to not show mercy. Arthur, however, listens to Agravaine, who tells him to kill Caerleon. Caerleon's wife, Queen Annis, orders war upon Camelot because of Arthur's actions.

Merlin travels with Arthur, the other knights and Camelot's army to go to war. Arthur sneaks out one night to meet with Queen Annis and proposes an agreement; that one champion from Camelot and one from Caerleon will fight to the death to avoid the deaths of thousands of innocents.

Merlin is found eavesdropping, and is ordered executed, but Arthur saves him and the two go back to the campsite. Arthur questions Merlin's inability to leave things alone, and Merlin says he is Arthur's friend. Before the fight, Arthur gives Merlin a ring and requests that he give it to Gwen if he dies.

Morgana, meanwhile, has enchanted Arthur's sword to allow it to malfunction during the match. Arthur, however, spares his life and agrees to be with peace with Annis. He and Merlin return to Camelot, where Arthur is considered a hero and admits to Merlin he should have listened to him at the beginning, despite the fact that he is "one of the worst servants in the five kingdoms" His Father's Son. While out with Arthur and the other knights, Merlin is ambushed and injured, and he and Arthur are forced to spend the night in the forest, where Arthur confesses that Merlin is brave.

The next morning, Merlin's condition is worse. He is more pale, and can't move willingly. Arthur attempts to carry Merlin to safety, but they are ambushed by mercenaries again. To protect Arthur, Merlin sacrifices himself by allowing rocks to fall, trapping him with the mercenaries and separating him from Arthur.

Merlin is brought to Morgana, who takes him to her hut and binds him by his wrists to the ceiling. Merlin is found by Arthur. Although Merlin tells her he will die happy knowing that Arthur is safe, Morgana reassures him that he won't die just yet, and that she won't make it easy. Arthur attempts repeatedly to search for Merlin and refuses to believe that he is truly gone.

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Meyer Fine Falk is a casino owner with a crippling fear of death. Hume Cronyn , Carmen Mathews. The newest arrival at Father Amion Rains 's church is Sheridan Gardner , a gambler who believes that prayer has caused his recent success at the horse races. At the end of the book the little brother decided to kill the rest of his family. Something dealing with a pumpkin shows a glitch in the false reality. It is later revealed that the self-sustaining energy globes are actually powered by the life essence of the meerkats and they are drained, painfully, to power this world.

Morgana, meanwhile, tends to Merlin's wounds while questioning his loyalty to Arthur. Merlin replies by saying she will never understand loyalty, and Morgana retaliates by stating she has nobody to be loyal to. She then uses a spell to put Merlin to sleep.

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When he wakes later, Morgana conjures the Fomorroh, a snake with multiple heads, and explains to Merlin that Priestesses of the Old Religion used them to take over one's mind; she then orders him to kill Arthur and inserts one of the snakes in his neck. Arthur and Gwaine venture out to look for Merlin, and find him in bog. They bring him back to Camelot, and Merlin acts oddly towards Gaius and Gwen, and attempts several times to kill Arthur, all failed or prevented by Gwen.

When Gwen knocks him out and takes him to Gaius, Gaius paralyses the snake. Merlin gains freedom with his own mind for an amount of time before Gaius tells him that he needs to kill the mother snake in order to be fully free from Morgana. A small battle ensues and Merlin manages to knock Morgana unconscious. After destroying the Fomorroh, he goes back to Camelot, where Gaius removes the remains of the snake. Arthur, who is increasingly angry at Merlin for his absence, orders him to be trained by George, a very dull servant, as punishment A Servant of Two Masters.

Later Merlin and Gwaine race to rescue Gaius who Agravaine has managed to convince Arthur was the traitor. In reality, Gaius has been abducted by Alator , a Catha and priest of the old Religion, who Morgana has enlisted the services of to find the location and identity of Emrys. Splitting up, Merlin is confronted by Morgana who gleefully threatens Merlin with death, unaware that she has Emrys at her mercy when Alator arrives. The sorcerer approaches Merlin confirming he has.

When Morgana asks for a name Alator tells her she shall never know and blasts her away from the pair with magic. Fearful at first of the Sorcerer; Alator tells Merlin he does know who he is and then bows before Merlin. He tells the young warlock he knows of the burden of hiding what they truly are, that he and the other survivors of his order know of the great prophecy involving Merlin and Arthur, and that they and other surviving magic users believe in the world Merlin will one day create.

Should Merlin ever require his or his order's services Alator and the other priests would be ready to aid him. Back in Camelot Merlin is glad Gaius is safe but both men know they need to find a way to expose Agravaine quickly for everyone's sake The Secret Sharer. Merlin is sent to another village as a physician by Gaius.

Among finding out that the village of Longstrong was struck with a mysterious illness, Merlin ventures out along with Gwen and the other knights to fix the problem, with Merlin serving as a substitute for Gaius. He attempts to use magic to heal the three victims but to no avail, and soon decides with the knights to return to Camelot for Gaius. While returning they encountered bandits, and after defeating them, they save a young woman named Lamia.

Lamia is cold towards Merlin and refuses his help several times, not even allowing him to touch her. Lamia begins to take over the knight's minds to make them more aggressive towards each other, and this makes them turn against Merlin and Gwen on several occasions. Lamia strikes Sir Elyan, and while Merlin and Gwen tell the knights that they have to bring him back to Camelot, Lamia manipulates their minds again to make them follow her into an abandoned castle.

There, she strikes each knight one by one and attempts to kill Merlin, but he is quickly saved by Gwen and later Arthur Lamia. When Arthur proposes to Gwen, everybody is happy about the engagement and celebrates by means of jousting. Lancelot, however, returns from the dead, much to everybody's bewilderment, and Merlin grows suspicious. Morgana, however, has previously resurrected Lancelot and ordered him to present Gwen with a bracelet that would make her fall in love with him.

Merlin eventually finds out with Gaius that Lancelot is a shade of his former self and suspects that he wants to harm Arthur. Lancelot and Gwen under the bracelet's influence meet in the council chambers, where they share a kiss. Arthur catches them in the act by Agravaine and both are imprisoned. Arthur spares Gwen's life but orders her exiled from Camelot forever.

Merlin tries to persuade Arthur to lift the sentence, suggesting that Agravaine was merely manipulating him but Arthur stays true to his word, stating that although he may one day be able to forgive her, he will never again be able to trust her. Meanwhile, Lancelot kills himself by Morgana's orders and is given a proper burial by Merlin. Merlin briefly resurrects Lancelot, to which he thanks Merlin. Merlin then casts his coffin away in the water before burning the body Lancelot Du Lac.

Soon after, Arthur, Merlin and the Knights go on a patrol around the forest where they come across a strange Druid Shrine. Merlin warns all of them to not disturb the shrine, but Elyan ignores Merlin's warnings and disturbs water from a well in the Shrine. He is soon haunted by a dripping wet ghost boy who gives him the task of killing the King. Elyan's first attempt goes wrong, and he is imprisoned. Merlin plans to break Elyan out of prison so he can use magic to get rid of the ghost, but the plan goes wrong and Elyan knocks Merlin out and escapes. Merlin later awakes with a bruise and goes to Gaius.

The two travel back to the shrine to investigate and Merlin hears cries and screams coming from the well. They conclude that the shrine was a place where Uther had slaughtered many innocent Druids. Elyan attempts to kill Arthur once more, but Merlin intrudes and convinces Arthur to spare Elyan's life. Merlin later catches Arthur sneaking into the woods in the middle of the night and follows him.

It is revealed that Arthur, and not Uther, had sent for the soldiers to slaughter the innocent Druids. He begs forgiveness from the spirit, and is forgiven. Elyan returns to normal and Arthur later sees to it that Druids are respected and never again harmed in any way A Herald of the New Age. Merlin is soon heard of Arthur's intention to marry Princess Mithian and is shocked and upset. After he claims that Arthur still loves Gwen, Arthur threatens him with exile, and Merlin shows coldness towards Mithian upon her arrival and repeatedly foils Arthur's dates with her.

Mithian soon notices Merlin's unwelcoming behaviour and confronts him kindly about it, even asking permission if she can have a chance on Arthur, as she knows Merlin's opinion is valued most by the king. Soon, Arthur and Mithian, along with Merlin, go on a hunting trip where Merlin discovers Gwen after he sees a deer with her reflection.

He tries to stop Arthur and Mithian from hitting her, but Gwen is hit by an arrow to the leg. Merlin later visits her and heals her, and she later tells him about Helios' and Morgana's plans to seize control of Camelot with Agravaine's help. Merlin reports this to Arthur but to no avail and the king threatens him with exile yet again. Arthur later asks for Merlin's assistance in a delicate matter, questioning why he still loves Gwen after her betrayal. Merlin says he should listen to his heart, and Arthur soon scraps his plans to marry Mithian.

He later thanks Merlin for his assistance The Hunter's Heart. During the feast of Beltain, Agravaine assists Morgana in her attack on Camelot. This unpredicted attack forces Merlin and Arthur to flee. Merlin, realizing Arthur will not leave his people, casts an enchantment on the King in order to change his wit. Merlin, Arthur , Elyan and Percival flee, leaving Gaius and others behind. On the way Percival goes missing and Elyan is captured. Here, Merlin advises Arthur to disguise himself and the witless Arthur does as he is told. Later, the pair is found by the leaders of a gang of Smugglers - Tristan and Isolde.

Tristan and Isolde allow Merlin and Arthur to travel with them in exchange for gold. However, they do not know Arthur was the King of Camelot.

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A day later Arthur regains his wit and the camp is attacked by Agravaine and his men. As they flee, Tristan and Isolde discovered who Arthur truly is. Guinevere is also reunited with Arthur as she was living in Ealdor. As the group flees into the caves, Merlin calls Kilgarrah to come and help. However, Agravaine and a small number of men make it into the caves. This forces Merlin, despite Arthur's protests, to go back and stop Agravaine from catching up with them.

He faces him, where Agravaine threatens him to reveal where Arthur is. When Merlin refuses, he reveals his magic to Agravaine before killing him. He goes back to a relieved Arthur, leaving the caves and into the forest. While taking cover, it becomes apparent that Arthur has lost hope in himself, telling Merlin he thinks of himself as a bad king and has lost the support of his people. Desperate to find a way to convince him otherwise, Merlin goes to the Great Dragon for help.

Following the advice of Kilgharrah, Merlin goes out in search for the survivors of Camelot in the forests and gathers them to watch Arthur pull Excalibur out of the stone. He casts a spell on Morgana while disguised as "Dragoon the Great" that will temporarily block her powers. The following morning, he tells Arthur a story about Excalibur, that a great king once put it there, casting a spell that will only allow the true king of Camelot to pull the sword out of the stone.

Arthur grasps the sword as his people look on, and pulls it out with the help of Merlin's magic. His faith is restored and so they go on to lead a great army against Morgana to reclaim Camelot. Morgana flees when she realises she can't use magic, chased by Merlin and Guinevere. Merlin uses magic to save the life of Guinevere but Morgana has disappeared by the time he comes to look for her.

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Merlin returns to the throne room, witnessing the death of Isolde. In the end, he is on the front row standing by Gaius as he is present to proudly witness the crowning of Guinevere as the Queen of Camelot The Sword in the Stone. Three years later after Guinevere's crowning, although Merlin enjoys a time of prosperity and peace, he still sees the signs of an ominous future. Gwaine, Percival and a big number of Arthur's soldiers have gone missing, and Merlin learns that Morgana has to do something with it.

While searching for them, Merlin finds a dying druid seer named Lochru , who tells him that he would do well to fear Arthur's Bane, and then shows Merlin a battle between Arthur and Mordred, where Arthur meets his demise. After this, Merlin warns Arthur repeatedly not to go to Ismere, but Arthur says he cannot abandon his men. After the group of knights is assaulted by Ruadan , Morgana and their men, Merlin uses magic and saves Arthur, along with himself. Being hungry, however, he lures Arthur and himself in a trap, and soon they are discovered by Morgana 's men, and about to be killed, but a familiar figure emerges and spares their lives Arthur's Bane: Part One.

Much to Arthur's surprise Merlin reveals the man who spared their lives to be Mordred , who insists on bringing them to Morgana instead of killing them. On the way to Ismere Merlin and Arthur argue and Arthur is hit by Ragnor , the leader of the troop of Saxons, who tells them to move faster. When they continue their journey to Ismere, an apparently exhausted Arthur falls down and Merlin beseeches Ragnor to stop. Annoyed, Ragnor threateningly drags Arthur up and Merlin offers to help Arthur. When Ragnor leaves, it is revealed that this was merely a ruse for Arthur to stealthily steal Ragnor's dagger.

As the group continue their journey towards the fortress, Merlin makes goods fall off a wagon. This makes Ragnor even more angry and he attacks Merlin, trying to kill him. Arthur fights back, taking on Ragnor and several of his men. Arthur and Merlin take a few weapons from the wagon and escape. As the Saxons are approaching quickly, they have to jump over a large gorge in the icy landscape to escape. Arthur jumps first and Merlin, after a few moments of hesitation, follows. Arthur shoots the approaching Saxons with the crossbow, while Merlin uses an axe to break some of the icy ground near him, widening the ravine.

As Mordred nears the opposite side, the ground falls off, making it impossible for him to jump to the other side. Arthur aims at him with the crossbow, but decides to spare his life. When Merlin and Arthur finally arrive at the fortress, they use the garbage shaft to get inside. Then they use a wagon to get to the dungeons where the Knights are working and go to find them. In the dungeons, Arthur and Merlin find Percival , who tells them that Gwaine hasn't been seen for a few days. When they find him, Merlin and Arthur see the Euchdag , who had healed Gwaine, as she disappeared, shying away from them.

The three make their way back to find the other knights, but are soon attacked by Aithusa. All of them escape, as Aithusa is breathing fire at them. Merlin tells Arthur to get Gwaine to Percival, while he will lure the dragon the other way. He soon finds Aithusa and recognizes her. She breathes fire at him, but he protects himself with a spell. He asks her what happened to her and realises that she cannot speak. He then hears Arthur calling for him and commands the dragon to leave. Merlin goes back to look for Arthur, but, when he finds him, he is attacked by Morgana, who slams him against a wall.

As Morgana prepares to kill Arthur, Mordred stabs her and saves Arthur. Merlin then falls unconscious but is later healed by the Diamair. The Diamair tells him that Morgana will never find what she is searching for and Merlin realises that she herself is what Morgana is after, the Diamair, the Key to all Knowledge. Merlin asks what Arthur's Bane is, and the Diamair says that it is Arthur himself.

Back in Camelot Mordred is knighted by Arthur. Merlin then confronts him, asking him why he saved Arthur.

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Mordred responds that the love that binds them together is stronger than the power they wield, which is something Morgana had forgotten. When Gaius and Merlin have dinner, Merlin tells him that Mordred troubles him and that the Great Dragon had said Arthur would be killed by a Druid , leaving out that the Great Dragon had believed Mordred to be that Druid and that the last time he had seen Mordred before the incident in Ismere, they had parted on bad terms, with Mordred threatening never to forget it. Gaius tells him it is not certain that it is actually Mordred that will kill Arthur.

While Merlin and Arthur out hunting they come across a village where the execution of a sorceress is taking place. Arthur ordered the villagers to release the old woman as she had not had a fair trial. Moments before the old woman dies she thanks Arthur for sparing her and gives him the Horn of Cathbhadh saying that it has the power to summon the dead. Gaius warns Arthur about the great dangers which came when spirits were called.

That night Arthur celebrates his anniversary since assuming the throne of Camelot, however he is depressed as it marks the anniversary of Uther's death. The next morning Merlin is told by Arthur that they are going somewhere and to not a breathe a word of it to anyone. Merlin waits as Arthur contacts his father in the spirit world. That night Arthur confides in Merlin about his father's negative views.

Merlin reassures the King saying that his has always done what believes to be right and that his subjects respect him. Back in Camelot, during a meeting of the Round Table a candelabra falls unexpectedly, breaking the round table. Later on that night, Percival is injured by a falling axe and visits Gaius for treatment.

He tells Gaius and Merlin that he sensed that someone was there just before the attack. Gaius, realising that something is wrong, asks Merlin who tells Gaius that Arthur used the Horn. Gaius tells Merlin that if Arthur looked back as he was leaving through the veil Uther's spirit would be released. At once Merlin tells Arthur that he believes Uther's spirit is responsible for breaking the round table and injuring Percival as they represent the things Uther didn't stand for. Arthur does not accept this and tells Merlin to leave. Later that night as Gwen is walking through the castle, she senses someone there as windows open and wind blows through.

Suddenly she is attacked by an invisible force and eventually knocked out in a burning room. Merlin then finds Gwen unconscious and takes her to Gaius who says that she is lucky to have survived. Arthur is still shocked to believe that his father would do such a thing The Death Song of Uther Pendragon. When Merlin and Gwaine arrive at the tomb, where King Rodor is being held, Arthur and his men have already been captured.

Merlin goes into the tomb to rescue Arthur and Percival, while Gwaine stays outside to help the rest of the knights. Merlin enters the tomb and interferes with magic, knocking Morgana unconscious and escaping with Arthur Another's Sorrow. When three soothsayers from the court of the Disir pass judgement on Arthur for rejecting the Old Religion, the young king sets out with Merlin, Mordred and a handful of knights to a sacred grove to demand an explanation.

But when Arthur refuses to appease the Disir, his patrol comes under attack and Mordred is critically wounded. Wanting to save the young druid, Arthur must make a difficult decision - accept magic back in Camelot or condemn Mordred to die. Arthur then decides to travel back to the Disir and ask for their mercy on Mordred. He travels alone with Merlin. When they arrive back at the cave, Arthur apologises to the Disir and asks them to have mercy on Mordred. They tell him to accept the Old Religion, but he refuses so. The Disir tell him to choose wisely, and give him until dawn to decide.

At night, while at a campfire, Arthur asks for Merlin's advice. When Guinevere is captured by Morgana, Merlin sets out with Arthur and the knights of the round table to rescue her. Merlin makes a promise to Arthur that they will find Gwen. During the entire journey, Arthur is increasingly discouraged, but Merlin was consistently reminds him of his promise. The knights enter the doorway of the Dark Tower, and draw their swords. They climb the same staircase Morgana and Gwen did earlier, encountering several skeletons on the way. As they climb the staircase Merlin spots Arthur and tell him something is wrong- venturing the tower appears too easy.

As usual, Arthur rebuts by telling Merlin he is never pleased. The knights enter a room filled with booby traps- traps which set off darts. Percival is stricken by a dart and Merlin stops Another which almost strikes Arthur in the head. Elyan rushes ahead of everyone into the next room where Gwen is being held. By the time that Merlin and the other knights arrive, Elyan is dead. Elyan's body is burned at the same lake Lancelot and Freya were burned. Merlin tells Gaius he was warned one would not return, and Gaius says the blade that pierced Elyan would've most certainly been intended for Arthur The Dark Tower.

Darkness steals into the very heart of Camelot, as Morgana and her puppet Queen hatch a sinister plan to murder the King, but when stable hand Tyr Seward becomes caught in the crossfire, he threatens to ruin everything. He is then set up to be seen as guilty for the attempt on the King's life, and is sentenced to death. Guinevere poisons Arthur as they are dining and blames it on Merlin who is then arrested by the gurads. In prison Merlin uses his magic to break out and saves Arthur and returns back to his cell.

Sindri is then brought before Arthur who questions him about the poison and Sindri reveals Morgana bought them from him and is taken away. Merlin and Daegal travel through the woods. Noticing Daegal's arm wound, Merlin cares for it. Daegal is astonished by Merlin's proficiency, but Merlin waves it off, crediting Gaius. He asks after Daegal's family and learns that Daegal is an orphan. Merlin asks if Daegal's mother was a Druid as well, and Daegal nods. They continue on their way. Merlin and Daegal continue to traipse through the forest. Daegal returns an apple that Merlin gave him, claiming he doesn't want it.

They continue on but Merlin notices some bandits creeping nearby. He calls out telepathically to Daegal, but Daegal continues on, about to walk right into the bandits' eyesight. Merlin lunges and grabs Daegal, dragging him into hiding just as the bandits pass by. Daegal thanks Merlin for saving his life, but Merlin says he's not safe yet: the sooner they reach Daegal's sister, the better.

Once Merlin is able to walk, with the help of Deagal, they head towards Camelot to save Arthur from Morgana and Guinevere's plan to kill him. Merlin and Daegal reach Camelot. As they search for Arthur, Merlin notices the unlocked door; the pair climbs the stairs and interrupts the assassin, who is aiming a crossbow at Arthur.

The man lets fly some arrows at Merlin and Daegal, which Merlin deflects. The man begins to throw knives at them, but Merlin's leg gives out and he trips as he dodges. Merlin uses his magic to hurl an arrow at the assassin, throwing off his aim and causing an arrow to the Sarrum instead of Arthur. Merlin looks back and sees that one of the assassin's knives is embedded in Daegal's chest.

Merlin stays by his side as Daegal dies, having finally done something good in his life. That night, Merlin served dinner for Arthur and Guinevere. Arthur asks Merlin about his girl, saying that Guinevere told him that Merlin was seeing someone. Merlin looks at Guinevere, who merely smiles. Merlin and Gaius bury Daegal. As they walk away from his grave, the two decide they need to do something about Guinevere The Hollow Queen. The warlock is determined to break Morgana's twisted control over Gwen. But it will be no easy task, even for Merlin, as only the most powerful magic can save the Queen - and the high priestess will not give up her puppet without a fight.

When Merlin brings Arthur to watch as Gwen meets Morgana in the woods to plot against him, Arthur is shocked. The two agree that they must find a way to bring Gwen back from Morgana's spell. Merlin goes disguised as Dragoon to see the Dochraid , who recognizes him as Emrys. The waters of the Cauldron held the Goddess' powers and only their touch could heal her, but Gwen would have had to enter the lake willingly; if she were tricked, forced or beguiled, she would fall into the abyss and be lost forever.

They then leave Camelot to go to the Lake to free Gwen. Arthur tries to help but is unable to move because his arm is stuck under a rock. Mordred then appears, saves them and journeys on with them to the Lake however while they are just near the Lake they are ambushed by Morgana and Aithusa which forces them to retreat. Merlin tells Arthur to leave which he does and uses his Dragonlord powers to cause Aithusa to flee however just as he and Mordred are leaving they are ambushed by Morgana.

The two of them are pursued by Morgana and Merlin gets badly injured from an arrow in his side. Her last words to him are a warning not to trust the druid boy, Mordred. Merlin escapes to the top of the tower where he falls from his injury. In his weak breath he calls Kilgharrah to save him but later finds that he is dying himself of old age The Kindness of Strangers.

Mordred, now with a strong hatred for Merlin, gets her out of prison but is caught again because of Merlin. After Kara is executed, Mordred escapes and goes to Morgana's side and tells her the truth about Merlin--that he is Emrys, and the evil that has been foretold is starting The Drawing of the Dark. Morgana has a creature of the old religion that can take a man's magic away from them, she uses this creature on Merlin before the final battle of the Saxons against Camelot. Once the final battle for Camelot has begun, Merlin must go to the Crystal Cave to restore his magic.

When Arthur awakes in the forest, Merlin reveals his magic to the king. At first, Arthur does not believe him but when Merlin proves it to be so Arthur feels betrayed. As the two travel to the lake of Avalon Arthur comes to realize that Merlin uses his magic for good. When they are very near the lake, Morgana attacks, but Merlin kills her with his sword forged by the dragon's breath.

Arthur watches as Morgana falls to the ground and dies. The two are now reconciled Merlin calls on Kilgharrah to take him to the lake but Kilgharrah says that there is nothing Merlin can do. He states that one day when Albion is in need, Arthur will rise again. Many centuries later, Merlin still lives in the modern world, wearing the appearance of a vagabond, very old Emrys, waiting for the day that Arthur will return.

Can they find the courage to pursue their dreams and their hearts? He wants to help her. Limited time offer! Mad love.

Unbearable heartache. Redeeming the unredeemable. Meet the vivacious four women who fell in love with irresistible bad boys who push their buttons, challenge them to a point of madness, and love like no other. She enlists the help of her best friend, Fire Captain Brody Lawson, to give her lessons in seduction.

See a Problem?

All Zoey and Drew need to do is pretend to be a couple for one night. But one night can change everything. When all illusions shatter, she must make hard choices. Both a sweet romance and a page-turning thriller. Mortier: Unconditional: Family meant everything to Dominic Stone. But his family was under threat because of his past profession. But then he is suddenly the joint-guardian of a teenager and his life is never the same again.

He entices the harlot to spend a week at his estate. But when she enflames his passions, will she prove too hot for him to handle? Enter a world of submission and decadence with this scorching hot romance! Sparks fly and NOT the good kind. One contest. Four blind dates. Who says there are no more mail order brides?

Let the Alaskan dating games begin. Eli meets Shelby, who on paper is the most perfect woman he could ever imagine. Kindle The Tarot Witches Complete Collection by SM Reine: There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it lists a warning: fix your life and earn power beyond imagining or lose everything you care about. Werewolves are drawn to the scent of these tarot witches, driven to bond….

When the two of them collide, neither are expecting what comes next. Can he hide his real self from her? Myers: The original sinner. The angel he covets. His body craves Gabriel and he hungers for a taste of her blushed lips, but love between angels is a punishable sin… A sin Lucifer is ready to risk his legacy for….

Her reputation is ruined. Her engagement is broken. And now she needs me… This is going to be fun. Good girl or not, the weeklong fling with a high school jock may change everything. A shifter child is missing. And the human female connected to both tragedies is hiding a secret. This is book 6 in a series of standalone novels. Eliza Wells was utterly heartbroken after Lord Avondale, the love of her life, turned away from her and chose to marry another. Will they regain the love they once knew? One problem: neither he nor Kenzie wants anything to do with each other.

Only time will tell what happens next. All he has to do is survive in Port Serenity, Texas for a month without credit cards or cash. He discovers that getting a job with his limited practical skills will be a challenge. She will stand by his side one day, her fingers laced through his, love and adoration in their eyes, a dark queen to his evil king.

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Fate or destiny, Nova will do whatever it takes to change their future, and that of the galaxy. As she begins to unravel the past, her own life takes an unexpected turn, revealing a surprising connection to the victim and her family. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon.

Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense. Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness. Romantic Suspense Equal mix of Romance and Suspense, for those who like a little action in their love stories.

This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books. Historical Romance From Knights, to Dukes, to early 20th century lovers, the lovers in these tales must find a way to be together before the age of the internet! Erotic Romance Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists? If so, erotic romance is the genre for you! Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. Not the category for New Adult.

Historical Romance. This book is Free on July 9, Kindle. Share this: Facebook Reddit Twitter Google. This book is Free on July 8, Kindle. Highside by Lizzie A. This book is Free on July 7, Kindle. Cowboy for a Season by Janalyn Knight: A widow with nothing in her heart to mourn. A Hundred Weddings by Jessica Schreave: Kimberly Roberts goals are pretty simple to finish school, marry someone whom she genuinely loves, and live happily ever after. This book is Free on July 6, Kindle. Awakening Promiscus Guardians Book 1 by Brianna West: Sassy, average human, or so she thinks, meets a sexy pair of supernatural hunks and Guardians who drag her into a world hidden in plain sight.

This book is Free on July 5, Kindle. As a bold response, she answers a Mail-Order Bride ad without knowing what future awaits her… This book is Free on July 5, Kindle. This book is Free on July 2, Kindle. Beacon Soulmate Series Book 2 by P. Endangered The Underground Series Book 1 by Maximilian Benjamin Baney: The last two incubi on the planet, hunted down by a being determined to finish what he started.

This book is Free on June 29, Kindle. Sometimes lost is the best place to be … This book is Free on June 29, Kindle. The Female Alpha by Anna Kendra: Fearless and stronger, she defies the natural order of things as the first woman to lead a pack of female-dominated wolves. Because Hunter will leave nothing but broken hearts and blood in his wake… This book is Free on June 29, Kindle.

Fast Raw Heroes Book 3 by S. This book is Free on June 28, Kindle. Drilled by Cassie Cole: When Lexa Lewis rents her townhouse out to four chiseled oil workers, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. This book is Free on June 27, Kindle. Torn Series Set 1 by Pamela Ann: This book is intended for readers who have a serious fixation on hotshot actors and playboy athletes. Roomie Wars by Kat T. Hearths of Fire Red Starr Book 2 by Kennedy Layne: When a local cult invades the town of Hearth, the citizens do their best to stay clear of the members.

This book is Free on June 25, Kindle. The Tarot Witches Complete Collection by SM Reine: There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. His body craves Gabriel and he hungers for a taste of her blushed lips, but love between angels is a punishable sin… A sin Lucifer is ready to risk his legacy for… This book is Free on June 25, Kindle.