Interzone #243 Nov - Dec 2012 (Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine)

Interzone 243 Nov - Dec 2012
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Interzone is a bimonthly science fiction and fantasy short story magazine, first published Words: 55, Published: October 22, Interzone is a bimonthly, award winning, science fiction and fantasy short story magazine. It is not celebrity oriented. This edition, - Jan , has the text of the print edition but some of the graphics and advertisements are not present, next printed issue due Nov 4. Published: November 4, This edition, , has the text of the print edition but some of the graphics and advertisements are not present, next print issue due Nov Nina Allan's story leads. Published: November 14, New print issue Published: November 29, Words: 60, Published: February 13, This issue has stories from Mercurio D.

Rivera, Jason Sanford art from Jim Burns and 3 other authors. Next printed issue is , due Mar Published: March 12, Words: 59, Published: April 2, Swift's 1st short story plus Ben Baldwin's 1st of 6 covers. Words: 50, Published: April 26, Published: May 27, Words: 52, Published: September 12, Powell, David Ira Cleary and C. Paget's James White Award winner follow. Published: November 18, Jim Steel interviews David Brin in the book reviews. Ben Baldwin continues his tarot inpired cover series with The Priestess.

Words: 61, Published: December 4, Yoachim, and Priya Sharma. Ben Baldwin's cover 'The Star' finishes his series. Published: February 4, Words: 58, Published: April 15, If anyone has the wrong scent then moving upwind means trouble. Published: June 8, This issue we have 8, yes eight, stories, the usual features and the 1st of Jonathan McCalmont's new column 'Future Interrupted'. Published: July 26, High summer 's line up: L.

Johnson, Russ Colson, Jacob A. And every turn we make around the inner moon, Bacos, the Fear come out to play. They kill at least half the racers every time. Since the racers are slaves, the deaths are only part of the entertainment. Scorp is a Fear racing champion, due to be freed after his next win, but he suspects that his master is betting against him. In urbanizing China, the nameless narrator is hiding out in Shazui after stealing a valuable prototype from the electronics factory where he worked.

Look upwards, and share the wonders I've seen…

Robert Jordan; Harry Harrison ;. Heinlein at the A. Translated from French by Edward Gauvin. Jo Graham , Melissa Scott. Bottom of the Hill Publishing.

He had an accomplice, who agreed to help him to pay for the education of his child. A depressing tale of a society unmoored from its values. While there are science-fictional elements present, this is definitely a story of China today.

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Life among the posthumans. So much of it has been replaced over the centuries. They are too different. Then, while skiing, Kaimu strikes a primitive Earther, and Michelle, a surgeon, tries to save her. The philosophical question here is that of identity. The story is both thought-provoking and poignant.

In a future when the Japanese Empire rules the world, Chiyuko is a Samurai, otherwise Lady Dragon, powerful and ruthless. I wanted Lady Dragon to be fabled. For the fear to breed. Samurai might not ride into battle anymore but we still wielded our power like a knife. A highly mannered piece of palace intrigue. The imagery is finely done, the psychology rather simple. Information entities operate like viruses — spreading themselves across the universe.

The consequence is madness, the result of too much knowledge. The only cure for the madness is to burn it away. But in an attempt to prevent its spread to Earth, the planet has been shifted away from its sun and reduced to a subsistence state in which towns are constantly vigilant against ideas. Yet the madness infects them nonetheless, and the entities known as Observers then cauterize them with plasma strikes.

Through this world, the girl named Ein is on her pilgrimage to record whatever there is to record, but eventually knowledge catches her. Thought-provoking, a hellish sort of dystopia with strong biblical overtones as well as more modern informational concepts such as DNA. That is, what knowledge is madness, and what distinguishes it, if anything, from benign knowledge.

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It pulsed between the remnants of space ships and cities, moons and comets. The madness was alive. It was sentient. It caressed the dots and blips of its information into Ein, tasting her. Forcing her to consume it. Filling her mind and soul with truths which should only be whispered in solitude and forgotten in crowds.

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A three-Thursday month. About a century ago, strange events occur at a Trappist abbey in Canada where the harsh abbot, Dom Cristophe, keeps the brothers on short rations and punishes the entire community for the infractions of one — often the nameless narrator, who was once caught with a handful of barley from the brewhouse. It is hard to plumb his mind when he always keeps his own counsel—he seems only to know how to reprove, not to guide or mediate, and I would wish for another brother to be chosen abbot if it were my place to have an opinion about the matter.

But the real trouble begins when a former brother is found starving at the gate and taken in to be fed as an act of charity. A bare sketch of the plot would make this one seem like so many other horror-in-the- monastery tales. The convincing setting is enhanced by its strong connections to actual history. Her own last romantic liaison had produced an ill-starred pair of galanteries—her galanterie for her beau had been sleek and black with pointed ears like a fox, while his for her was a mangy gray thing resembling a cross between a wildcat and a basset hound.

Upon meeting, the two galanteries had circled each other warily before merging into an awkward, lopsided creature that seemed ill at ease with itself. Perhaps it should not have been a surprise when the relationship ended after only four months. But when she and Henri fall in love, while the situation does wonders for her career as a playwright, no galanteries for each other seem to materialize. You know that. But Felicity knows that she can have what she wants if she can gain the support of the Great Raymundo, who, although long deceased, has incorporated his essence into a magical tome.

She goes to seek it out, but the Great One seeks her out, instead. The Lord has died.


Interzone # Nov - Dec (Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine) - Kindle edition by Andy Cox, Jon Wallace, Qiufan Chen, Caroline M. Yoachim, Priya. , the Nov–Dec Ebook Interzone, the 2nd issue based on the Series: Interzone Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, Issue #

There are rituals that must be observed. One of them — the bees must be told of his passing by the youngest boy in the household, lest they swarm and fly away. This, the butler decrees, must be Mel. A dark round entrance gaped at the bottom, bees clustered there like yellowed teeth. Myth seeps through the seams of this tale. But other secrets need to be answered. Why does Mel sometimes appear to be a boy and sometimes a girl? The telling is rewarding. Kes lives in a village that has migrated to a sun-blasted waste where the people can live relatively free of oppression by the Kings.

But a messenger of the Kings has now found them with an edict of conscription. The Peregrinator has powerful magics that strike down resistance. He ruffled his cloak and a flurry of feathers burst from it, flying towards them. The feathers cut them like blades, slicing through tunics and tahori to rip open arms and legs and cheeks, and the screaming of eagles came from their mouths, and they clawed at their wounds and tore them open further in agony. The center of the world is the Furnace, as they call their sun, both curse and blessing.

This is a strong, original vision, although perhaps a bit overwrought in places. Joe and Andy are a mutually dysfunctional pair, formerly friends, now resentfully codependent. Do you really expect to get any job? Promising work from this first-time author.

In a world where fantasy creatures are forced to do battle for bloodthirsty crowds, Lena and her unicorn partner Steve are gladiators for freedom. As I pulled Steve in front of the judge, those were the words that came to mind. Justice can be pure, too. The bugzine begins its second year not auspiciously. There are five short pieces, of which four are original.

Interzone 243, November-December 2012

The Bennardo is entertaining, the other three are unoriginal bug-monster horror. All does not go according to plan. After all, it is not merely a matter of the difference in species that the name of Claud the tree frog is not often mentioned in the company of others such as James Moriarty, A. Follow Us. App Download. US UK.

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