The Unwilling Warlord: A Legend of Ethshar (Ethshar series)

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Book 5. Taking Flight by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Legends of Ethshar

The Unwilling Warlord: A Legend of Ethshar (Ethshar series Book 3) - Kindle edition by Lawrence Watt-Evans. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The Misenchanted Sword (Ethshar, #1), With a Single Spell (Ethshar, #2), The Unwilling Warlord (Ethshar, #3), The Blood of a Dragon (Ethshar, #4), Takin Stone Unturned: A Legend of Ethshar. by Lawrence Watt-Evans. · 87 Ratings.

Kelder had always dreamed of a life more exciting… More. Shelve Taking Flight. Book 6. Tabaea was an ordinary thief, sneaking and prowli… More. Shelve The Spell of the Black Dagger. Book 7. Night of Madness by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Warlockry has been rare in Ethshar. Shelve Night of Madness. Book 8. Ithanalin's Restoration by Lawrence Watt-Evans. When Magic Goes Awry.

What's What with Ethshar Today:

One thing about e-books -- the pressures that force paper books toward certain sizes aren't there. The answer may lie within his ancient foe's most lethal weapon: Dragon Venom. The Wild Ways. Larger, heavier books will be shipped at cost. Heritage of Cyador. Series The Legends of Ethshar. Tobas gathered his aspirations to his empty stomach and set out to find a rowboat.

What is an aspiring ap… More. Shelve Ithanalin's Restoration. Book 9.

Every wizard in Ethshar knew that if you needed s… More. Shelve The Spriggan Mirror. Book Once, not so long ago, A warlock named Vond built… More.

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Shelve The Vondish Ambassador. The Calling.

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Sooner or later, it claimed every po… More. Shelve The Unwelcome Warlock. Tales of Ethshar by Lawrence Watt-Evans. These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features.

The Unwilling Warlord

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