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  • Stick Tricks (An Erotic Short Story). One of the things that impressed me in a good sense with you, College Park, is your historical passion to make Jesus the focal point of this ministry. It is one of the things that attracted Sarah and me to this church, and I intended to help us move forward under the same banner. It applies the centrality of Jesus to marriage, home, and work. You are going to find an elevated view of Christ in this book. The Christology of Colossians soars really high. And at the same time, the book is very practical, and I love that.

Colossians balances the elevated Christology of chapters one and two with the practical instructions of chapters three and four.

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No, this book moves from the lofty, exalted, preeminent Christ to issues of moral purity, anger, marriage, child-rearing, and work. It infuses Christ-centeredness into real life. Living Jesus-centered is a primary battleground. It is my belief that Jesus-centered living is a real battle that disciples of Jesus face. The beauty of Colossians is the way that Paul calls the followers of Jesus to live in light of the existing centrality of Christ. The Bible is Jesus-centered. Heaven is Jesus-centered. God made it that way, and we have to constantly guard our hearts and our lives from moving from Jesus-centeredness.

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Or, to use this great logo that Greg made, to be sure that every orbit of our lives revolves around Christ. So those are the reasons why I feel like this is the time and place for us to be. And it is my prayer that we will all come to understand more fully the eternal significance of the centrality of Jesus and determine how to live by this Christ-centered core. I want you to think creatively about how Jesus could and should transform every area of your life. How does Christ-centeredness relate to corporate worship, Bible reading, ministry, giving, raising kids, and your job?

How does Christ-centeredness relate to TV-watching, internet surfing, Facebook postings, I-pod listening, Spring Banquets, and dating relationships?

Sarah said something earlier this week that really drove home this point. My goal is to not sin while we move. Let me encourage you to take good notes. Discuss these matters at home. Take the challenge of memorizing a few verses each week Core Verses. Work through application points in your small groups. Next week we will dive into the historical and cultural background of the book. But today I simply want to help you understand the big picture outline of the book. Every word and phrase highlights a unique and powerful dimension of who Jesus is and what he has done.

Paul looks at Jesus from multiple angles and celebrates the centrality and preeminence of Jesus. We are reminded that everything Paul lists is a spiritual reality.

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These are facts. How many of you remember how Walter Cronkite signed off each week? Jesus is free! Free from our approval, consent, or validation. He is Lord. The real question is whether your life orbits around him and whether the various parts of your life orbit around him.

And as you do that submit your life to the centrality of Jesus , you come to realize how off-center you life was before him, how meaningless life would be without him, and how grateful you are for his love and grace. It was a never-ending cycle. Regardless of my sincerity to keep my vow, I failed religiously.

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I lost my temper with my children. Willpower evaded me. After consuming an entire bag of Oreos, I wrestled with feeling fat. At times, I even hated myself.

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In due course, I came across our key verse. This is good news! You and I can do what pleases God when we depend on the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, it all became clear. There was never anything missing from my relationship with God. Trying to live the Christian life in my own strength was exhausting and discouraging.

A living and intimate relationship with Jesus

Now, I have what my heart longed for most — an intimate relationship with God. Empower me to let go of past hurts?

Experience intimacy with Him and develop an unshakable faith? I can honestly tell you the life Jesus promised is real. There are some people who have been able to evangelize through online gaming.

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The slowness of others never got on His nerves, nor did untidiness, disorderliness and carelessness in others, ever make Him impatient. Get your daily dose of wisdom. One can imagine that if a neighbour's child walked into Jesus' carpenter-shop and broke something expensive, it would not have disturbed Jesus in any way, because the child was far more valuable and important than the thing broken. The humility of Jesus is seen in all its brilliance in His death. Jesus did not go to a Bible-school.

There are many ways to reach people. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and through Him you too have the power to shepherd the lost to God. Living for Jesus, then, means doing your part to combat lostness and extend His Kingdom on earth. There are lots of different ways you can help in and beyond: donate to missionary support organizations, help plant a church in your community, or witness for God to your friends and family and to the rest of the world online.

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However you choose to push back against lostness, the Lord will be pleased that you have taken up the mantle of evangelism. Lives are changing as a direct result of your support of North American missionaries through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Be Present in the World Jesus gave His life so that we may have eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, but also so that we may enjoy the heaven on earth God has created for us.

Push Back Against Lostness Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and through Him you too have the power to shepherd the lost to God.